How’s it going everyone? CRAZY DOSER is here! I'd like to give more info about BALKAN PHARMACEUTICALS REBRANDING products.

Mostly it's the new security measure that they use. These measures include: additional sticker on the back of the blister, holographic foil and membrane coating of tablets. It’s nice to see that manufacturer cares about such moments. We all know that getting bunk is not the great feeling. So they are working on additional security to reduce the probability to stumble upon bunk of fake products. Although I’d like to delve upon membrane coating. This innovative method is not for fancy looking, not only this is for coloring and protection but also a technological component which allows to release pharmbase in a right section of digestive system which in turn protects product’s active part from destructive stomach acid.

Thanks to these protective properties, membrane coating allows to get the better efficiency for the same dosages unlike products without it. Other two methods provide additional tools for checking legitimacy of product you bought, which is great because you should always know and check what you are buying.

By using holographic technology BALKAN shows it’s readiness to step into progress and all the benefits it includes. Not only holographic foil provides product authentication but also a quick and easy optical validation which is great if you caught up in a situation where you are unable to reach PC, phone, etc. You can tell at sight that the product is legit and belongs to brand. Same goes for additional sticker.

All in all we can see that BALKAN are working hard on legitimacy of their products, it shows their determinacy and trustworthiness.