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SARMS is a group of drugs – a selective androgen receptor modulators.
The main property of SARMS is that androgenic & anabolic factors are separated.
Sarms causes effective muscles growth , strength increase , fat loss , also increases sexual male characteristics.
SARMS Androgenic receptor (AR) efficiently regulates muscles-bones anabolism.
Sarms are chemically pretty similar to anabolic steroids , however not as intensive as AAS.
Sarms main application: "Could" treatment some forms of cancer , muscles atrophy , nutrition disorders , anemia , osteoporosis , arthritis , physical weakness conditions and many more.

There are many advantages of using SARMS when compared to steroids. You will experience similar effects and benefits such as:
Improve strength,
Quicker & Fast recovery,
Increase fat loss (Reduction with adipose tissue),
Increase lean muscle mass,
Improved stamina and sense of well being ,
Potentially without many of the harsh side-effects that may occur with AAS usage.