Testosterone's little sister - Estrogen levels and bulking, where do you stand? (It's that time of year)

As most of us know, estrogen plays a very important role with muscle growth, it's very important to always have it in check..However, some guys prefer to dial back a bit off their AI's during bulk seasons as some guys report some of their best gains are made with a decent/optimal E2 conversion ratio for them.. Some guys dial back a bit and incorporate tamoxifen in place off to off-set gyno, now it has been seen that this method could effect IGF levels thus hindering gains, but on what scale and do you see the trade-off? Without getting to deep, do you dial back a bit on AI's or no? of course this will depend on what compounds are being used as well..

How do you feel and where do you stand, do you like to stay dry year long or on the drier side,or do you dial back a bit and get comfortable? There is no one size fits all as sensitivities will vary along with goals and ones approach.