Steroid Use for Individuals Predisposed to Gynecomastia

Question: “I did a cycle of trenbolone 50 mg/day and Dianabol 25 mg/day. I ordered letrozole to use as an anti-aromatase but it did not arrive. I just went ahead as I understand that very commonly that when no testosterone is used, 25 mg/day Dianabol can be gotten away with. I stopped Dianabol use the instant I felt nipple soreness, and luckily my replacement order of letrozole arrived then. Well it would have been luckier if it had arrived sooner. I started the letrozole right away at 1 mg/day and I also started Clomid. It turns out now I have some small lumps that still have not gone away. What caused me to be susceptible? Do I have to avoid aromatizing steroids from now on?”

Answer: A substantial percentage of men have undetected gyno (gynecomastia) which developed during puberty. Where gyno already exists, sensitivity to high estrogen levels is much greater than normal: it’s very easily aggravated and unfortunately will grow very easily.

Very often nipple soreness is an early warning sign and prompt anti-estrogen treatment will prevent development of gyno. And often where gyno is present (even if undetected) nipple pain again provides an early warning sign. But in some instances, growth occurs with pain being a delayed response.

It’s also possible that gyno was not present but developed from even this amount of Dianabol. Abnormally high estrogen levels, or more precisely methylestradiol levels corresponding to abnormally high estradiol levels, absolutely can occur with 25 mg/day Dianabol.

You don’t have to avoid aromatizing steroids from now on, but do need to avoid allowing estrogen levels to exceed midnormal or better yet, low normal such as low-20’s pg/mL.

This can be done with appropriate letrozole usage, or use of another anti-aromatase such as anastrozole.

Off-cycle, you may wish to test estradiol levels and calibrate anti-aromatase levels to maintain estradiol levels in the above range.