Kai Greene Meets With Universal Execs During Olympia Week

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    Kai Greene Meets With Universal Execs During Olympia Week

    Kai Greene Meets With Universal Execs During Olympia Week

    Kai Greene continues to make big time Hollywood moves!

    Bodybuilders have different motivations for their careers. Where some bodybuilders simply wish to be the best in the world, others try their best to transcend the sport in order to have longevity after their competitive careers have ended.

    There’s a reason why some many bodybuilding competitors look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Besides being a seven-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also able to become a household name in the movie industry. He became a high paid leading man in multiple Hollywood movies including the Terminator franchise. He took that popularity and eventually went into politics becoming Governor of California. It’s quite clear that looking for opportunities outside of competitive bodybuilding can have some great perks.

    Enter Kai Greene.

    The veteran bodybuilder who many consider to be an uncrowned Mr. Olympia, Kai Greene has put his competitive career on hold to pursue opportunities outside of bodybuilding. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger before him, Kai Greene is seeking to build a legacy outside of bodybuilding in other art forms like drawing/writing comics as well as acting.

    Recently, Kai Greene returned to the U.S. from India after filming Pogaru for four weeks. The popular bodybuilder has since met with Universal executives, sitting down with casting representatives to discuss a part in a upcoming major television series.
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