Calum Von Moger Shares His Experience With Using Steroids

Steroid use is a prevalent issue in many major sports, not least of which is bodybuilding. Professional bodybuilder Calum Von Moger shared his experience using steroids, and how they affected his life.
Von Moger is an Australian bodybuilder, and Mr. Universe winner, as well as a social media influencer. However, he is most known for his role as a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger.
He quickly became one of the most recognizable faces in all of bodybuilding. As a result, he stays in the public eye, despite his limited competitive schedule as of late.

Therefore, when it comes to a topic as controversial as steroids, Calum Von Moger has a valuable opinion. He played a young Arnold, who has admitted steroid use back in its early days of use. Moreover, this is a topic so important, that there is often a discussion on whether or not an athlete is a Natty, someone who does not use steroids. However, in a recent video to his YouTube, Von Moger admits that he too has used steroids in the past.

First, he explained how he initially learned about steroids.

“So obviously, I started weightlifting when I was about fourteen, and I didn’t know anything about steroids.

I didn’t know what they were, and I was just going to the gym and it was great. And I did train naturally for six years before I decided to take them.

I remember training at the gym with my brothers, and some other friends. We’re all training all around this, you know I’m a little bit weaker than my older brother and friends and stuff.

One year my friend just got bigger and stronger a lot faster. And I was just thinking ‘What the hell is going on, what is this?’

Then we found out that he was using steroids. So that was when I first learned a little bit about them, and what they can do.”

Following this, Von Moger explains, he continued wanting to train naturally. He said that not only was he wanting to see how far his own body could take him, but steroids were not accessible for him at the time. Furthermore, he shares that it was not until his first few bodybuilding shows that he was presented the opportunity to use steroids.

According to Von Moger, this is how it went down:
“I decided to compete in bodybuilding, and I did the first few shows natural. I won the Junior Mr. Universe natural, and then I was twenty, twenty one or something, and I had a mentor.

You know, I got this hype and excitement about winning Mr. Universe. I wanted to compete next year obviously, and continue to compete in these bodybuilding shows.

So I had this mentor, and he talked to me after, and he said ‘You going to compete again?’

So I said ‘Of course!’ You know, I wanted to defend the title, and get the following Mr. Universe title.

So basically he said if you want to be in the top five, because I would compete in the Open division, he said you have to take steroids.”

While he had his hesitations, Calum Von Moger said that he knew what his mentor meant. He could see that the people that he would compete against were bigger and stronger than he was. Therefore, he said that he made the decision to take steroids, in hopes of becoming a champion bodybuilder.

“Now I only took them for the purposes of getting ready for competition, for competing, and I would just do a cycle.

I think the first one was like ten weeks or something, and leading up to a show you take them to get ready.

I had proper guidance, I had my mentor who would show me what to take, how to take it, all that sort of stuff. Then after the show, the competition, you stop and give your body a break until your ready to compete again.”

He then went on to explain how he feels about athletes taking steroids.

Von Moger explained that he thinks it is important to train for several years before deciding to take steroids. Additionally, he urges people to have a real reason to do it, instead of just for superficial reasons. Moreover, he says that it needs to be a decision one makes for themselves, not for anybody else.

Calum Von Moger concluded by explaining why some athletes claim they are natural when they are not. Furthermore, he said that he is hoping that his story will shed some light on this type of thing for any kids that are beginning their bodybuilding journeys.