Dorian Yates Gives His Philosophy On Training

Dorian Yates - I AM NOT HERE TO TALK!

When you’re looking to build a powerful and impressive physique, getting in the right mindset is absolutely the most underrated and most important aspect of training. While having the right program, the perfect training split, and the best possible nutrition are all important aspects of reaching your ultimate goal of your perfect physique, the reality is that if you don’t have the right mind set to get things done, you’ll never quite reach the finishing line.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Dorian Yates knew this concept and ideology to be true. In order to achieve the goal of becoming Mr. Olympia and reign supreme, Dorian Yates had to adopt a mindset that would enable him to unlock his full potential. Dorian Yates didn’t rely on any fancy workouts or complex routines, but instead always set his mind to his goal and continued to do so until he achieved the results he desired.

If you’re looking for some motivation and a few ideas on the kind of mindset you should adopt for your own training, take a look at this video by Makaveli Motivation and get yourself pumped up with some words of wisdom and training footage of none other than six time Olympia champion Dorian Yates.