Foods are fuel. You eat more than you need, your body stores it as fat. You eat less than you need, your body begins losing weight. It’s that simple no matter what excuses people insist on.

You want to get rid of body fat, BURN CALORIES! Eat less then your body needs to stay the same. don’t eat very little per day because if you eat a lot less your body goes into starvation mode and begins storing body fat and getting rid of your body’s skeletal muscle. so you get all soft and squishy. Gross!

So, find out how many calories you need to stay the same, then eat 20% less. That’s it! Then go for a long walk every day. Plus lift weights. Both men and women need to lift weights in order to tell your body not to get rid of muscle and instead get rid of fat. Eating enough calories is also telling your body to not store fat because you are getting enough nutrients not to starve. A little less than you need so you are losing body fat - yes. So little that you are starving - no! (canabolism which means your body is using your own muscle as fuel).

Have a balanced-diet
Balanced diet also plays a major role in reducing the belly fat. Include the following superfoods in your diet to get a flatter stomach and look fabulous.

  1. Green veggies
  2. Fresh citrus fruits like orange, lemon, kiwi, watermelon, grapes, and apples.
  3. Eat oats, Almonds, and Greek Yogurt during snacking.
  4. Whole grains like multigrain bread, brown rice, corn, quinoa, etc.

Do not take stress, eat sugary food/beverages, drink alcohol in excessive amount and take required sleep. All these factors will combat obesity and give a flatter stomach that you wish for!