Stacking Deca Durabolin With Peptides TB-500 and/or GHRP-6 to Promote Healing

Quesion: “I’m planning to use TB-500 and/or GHRP-6 in a cycle which I hope will heal some of my injuries. Ideally would I do this only as a peptide cycle, or would I include one or more anabolic steroids?”

Answer: As much as I’m generally not a fan of nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) because of frequently seen adverse side effects, there indeed is something to be said for it when it comes to healing injuries.

While unproven, my hypothesis is that the same progestagenic activity of Deca Durabolin that can lead to depression, erectile dysfunction, and poor recovery of LH can also aid healing.

Fortunately, however, the healing effect can occur at a dose of only about 100 mg/week and possibly even lower than this. Such a dosage in a steroid cycle rarely causes any of the above side effects.

Of course this would not be the total anabolic steroid usage in the cycle. Other steroids would make up the bulk of the cycle. But including this relatively small amount of Deca Durabolin in many instances will provide a significant difference to healing.

It’s a somewhat interesting question as to whether the progestagen theory really does account for Deca’s unusual properties in this regard. It would help support (not prove) the theory if medical science had taken the time to determine if progesterone itself helps heal tendinitis or joints. But it seems there are no studies on this at all. It’s suggestive, though, that a large number of newly post-menopausal women suffer tendinitis, and many have found relief with no treatment other than progesterone. That’s hardly proof, but it’s interesting support for the idea that progestagenic activity might help tendinitis.

Unfortunately, I’m not willing to try progesterone myself to acquire some first-hand knowledge on it. This is because I accidentally ingested 25 mg of it orally once, thinking it was my letrozole solution when it fact it was my wife’s progesterone. What it did to my mental processes wasn’t pretty. I became completely lost after having driven only about 2 miles from the hotel and having taken no more than four or five turns. I also intended to leave the maid a $5 tip, but in fact left her a $50 bill. Never again.

But that does cause me to think of a perhaps improved method of using nandrolone for healing. Women typically suffer disruption of their menstrual cycles when using progesterone constantly, but not when using it in 2 week on / 2 week off cycles. Such use actually helps regulate their cycles. So plainly, progestagenic activity is not inherently suppressive of the HPTA if it is brief.

I think I’ll personally try nandrolone phenylpropionate at 100 mg/week with such a cycling, which could be within a longer steroid cycle or could be during “off” weeks. I’ll report the results.