Latisse, Rogaine and Retin-A for Hair Loss When Using Anabolic Steroids

Question: I have read about anabolic steroids to gain some weight and avoid HIV wasting. My main concern is my hair. Unfortunately I suffer from significant hair loss, and I’d like to hang on to my hair as long as possible. Is there any information in low dose anabolic steroids and hair loss?

Answer: Hair loss during the beginning of anabolic steroid therapy can happen but it tends to stop or stabilize after a few months.

Increased dihydrotestosterone plus genetic predisposition may be involved. But do not block DHT with drugs like Propecia since it may affect your sex drive and hormone axis. We need DHT for sexual function.

I use a formulation of Rogaine plus Retin-A – yes, the face cream for wrinkles. They seem to work synergistically. I get mine compounded at but you need a script. I am sure you can buy both products on the internet without a script, but I would rather know what I am getting.

Biotin plus zinc may protect you against hair loss that is caused by deficiencies in either or both, but no data on that.

APS also compounds the drug Latisse (an old glaucoma drug that is now used to grow eye lashes) as a hair gel (you also need a script for this).