Can An Eighteen-Year Old Safely Use Anabolic Steroids?

Question: I am 18-years old. Can I safely do a cycle of anabolic steroids? Now I know most of you will say ‘you’re too young’ and ‘you should wait until you are over 21.’ I’ve read it all before but at the end of the day it’s my own personal choice. Many top pros started steroids in their teens and have had great success so why can’t I have great success if I start now? Please do not flame me. I am just trying to learn and have not and may not do steroids.

Bill Roberts’ Answer: It is entirely possible for someone who is 18-years old to use anabolic steroids in an intelligent and disciplined manner that I have no reason to think is going to — if done correctly — have any really substantial if any adverse effect. It is well within the realm of reasonable personal risk taking, just as my personal take.

But here are just a few reasons why they probably shouldn’t use steroids:

1) Steroids Won’t Make You a Professional Athlete: For all the young men and their families thinking they have what it takes to be NFL players, MLB players, NBA players, etc, for every one who is actually right, there are at least 1000 who are wrong, and the great majority of them are WAY wrong.

Still, if there’s a real point to the person because they want to be THEIR best, then the fact that the goal was unrealistic doesn’t mean that the pursuit of pushing oneself to one’s best was worthless. But don’t expect steroids to make you a pro.

2) General Lack of Steroid Knowledge: Most commonly the first steroid cycles done by teenagers (or for that matter, those in their twenties) are very badly planned in the first place.

3) Lacking of Training Foundation Leads to Reliance on Steroids: Where someone, of any calendar age, hasn’t built the training base where they KNOW how to train and get good long term results without steroids, then all too frequently the result of early (relative to “training age”) steroid use is that the user becomes dependent on steroids and either winds up on them constantly, or alternates between using steroids and training seriously with not using steroids and having a defeatist attitude during these periods and not only not accomplishing anything, but backsliding seriously.

In contrast when someone has the experience where they really know how to train — not just beginner gains, but really knowing how to train — without steroids, then they handle their off periods just fine and neither find a need for constant use nor suffer severe backslides when not using.

There are some instances where an 18 year old, out of having started training early and being very dedicated and working at learning and having the natural smarts for it, does know how to train naturally for long term results and does have the dedication and mindset to do it and will have no problem cycling off. There are also certainly cases where 30 year olds are NOT in that position.