Michael LaVon Robinson, AKA Michelle Obama & His Muslim Husband Barack Hussein Obama

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    Michael LaVon Robinson, AKA Michelle Obama & His Muslim Husband Barack Hussein Obama

    Michael LaVon Robinson, AKA Michelle Obama & His Muslim Husband Barack Hussein Obama

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    .. Republican defenders of trump will believe anything, but you need to be a 'really gullible Kool-Aid guzzler' to accept this one.... you guys should go back to the 'old days' when you were preaching that Hillary owned a Pizzaria that catered to fellow politicians who sexually abused children in satanic rituals while eating a slice of Hillary's pizza.. ..Living in a world of lies, so 'Trumpian' ….

    Alex Jones, the Info-Wars host, was reporting that Hillary Clinton was sexually abusing children in satanic rituals a few hundred miles north, in the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant. Welch told his friends the “raid” on a “pedo ring” might require them to “sacrifice the lives of a few for the lives of many.” A friend texted, “Sounds like we r freeing some oppressed pizza from the hands of an evil pizza joint.” Welch was undeterred. Three days later, armed with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a .38 handgun and a folding knife, he strolled into the restaurant and headed toward the back, where children were playing ping-pong. As waitstaff went table to table, whispering to customers to get out, Welch maneuvered into the restaurant’s kitchen. He shot open a lock and found cooking supplies. He whipped open another door and found an employee bringing in fresh pizza dough. Welch did not find any captive children – Comet Ping Pong does not even have a basement – but he did prove, if there were any lingering doubts after the election, that fake news has real consequences.

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