SARMs for Post Cycle Therapy?

Question: Are SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) a good idea to add to your post cycle therapy (PCT)? And if so, why do you not see them being used during PCT by many people? And lastly, does anyone think SARMs are going to eventually replace anabolic steroids? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: I don’t think they are good to add to PCT.

I haven’t found any evidence that any SARM gives less suppression for given anabolic effect than is the case for anabolic steroids such as say Primobolan, Masteron, or oxandrolone.

I know I’m beating this point into the ground but it’s something that others just don’t say enough — actually I virtually never, anywhere, see people making this point except where the subject at hand is statistics: The phrases “no significant (x) was found” or even “There was no change in (x)” appearing in scientific papers are basically weasel language. The technical meaning is VERY different than what it could appear to mean.

The meaning is only that, because of random variation and the small number of subjects, no effect COULD have been detected that smaller than some given amount — which sometimes is quite large! — and the study found that they saw no effect of at least that size.

It does not at all mean that a very substantial, important effect may not have occurred!

For whatever reason, many scientists prefer to write in a manner that makes it appear that there most likely was no effect without telling directly how large or small their threshold of detection was. I guess it’s better sounding to omit “But we couldn’t have found any effect smaller than X anyway,” particularly where X is a large amount!

So you can have reports in scientific literature such as anabolic steroids, at the dose studied, providing NO muscle mass gains or performance enhancement.

Correct conclusion, what change there was, they couldn’t detect to statistical significance. Not the the benefit may not be significant, in the sense we may mean the word!

All that was to bring some sense to the fact that a study can, with this way of using words, make it appear that SARMs are non-inhibitory whether or not that is so.

I don’t at all think that that is the case. Taking a SARM during PCT is I think the equivalent of taking a pharmaceutical anabolic steroid during PCT.

In some instances a careful use can make sense, but in general, it sets back recovery.

And even in those instances, I’d just use the anabolic steroid.