In any journey, one wants to have a sense of where he is coming from and where he is going. He also wants to figure out where he is currently so he can know what things to jig around. It’s the whole point of the journey, isn’t it? Puts you in control!

It’s the same with those who have embarked on the thrilling journey of using SARMs to get to their goals. Nothing strikes you more about the power of SARMS than seeing the before and after results of using them.

In this article, I take you through what you can expect from using SARMs. But let’s first find out what SARMs are and what they were invented for in the first place.

SARMs and what they do

SARMs are a group of synthetic chemical compounds that work on a common principle. The word itself stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. SARMs are like the new pretty girl in town because they are hogging almost all the attention that was once reserved for anabolic steroids, and the not-so-impressive prohormones. Make no mistake about this though: steroids were pretty good, and indeed nothing can equal them in many aspects, not even SARMs.

All these three types of compounds – steroids, prohormones, and SARMs – have attracted the interest of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness buffs who want to enhance their physical performance dramatically. Each of them has its strengths and flaws, and in the case of steroids, those flaws seem fatal.

Steroids, which are synthetic chemicals, are just like artificial testosterone meant to replace your deficient testosterone levels or enhance their levels to give you something close to superhuman strength, stamina, endurance. Many Olympic medalists have steroids to thank for even though this eventually cost them their medals since steroids are a banned substance for competing athletes.

Beyond the shocking enhancement, steroids gave you in terms of performance; they also had nasty side effects. These include acne, excess hair, baldness, men’s boobs, prostate enlargement, and perhaps the most dreaded of all, liver toxicity. Of course, with all these problems on your back, it means you are living on borrowed time in terms of mortality.

After the authorities threw a ban on it, the excitement around steroids fizzed off even further. However, once SARMs entered the scene, it was clear all was not lost for those who wanted what steroids could give but without the bad side effects. SARMs answered the need perfectly. They are much safer with no or fewer side effects.


SARMs differ from steroids in that they selectively stimulate androgenic receptors in your body. Whereas steroids targets everywhere, SARMs only targets receptors found in bone and muscle tissue. This is, of course, where you want all the great things to happen, from bigger muscles to stronger and denser bones. Steroids will trigger changes in unwanted places, so you can end up with many bad side effects such as a damaged liver or an enlarged prostate.

Results from plain workouts

Even with the most intense workout, your body usually reaches a limit beyond which you won’t see any more advances in physique or performance. That can be frustrating, especially if you badly want to exceed your current performance or physical state. The good news is that you don’t need to feel embarrassed about reaching out for help from performance enhancement drugs or supplements such as SARMs.

What kind of benefits do SARMS give

SARMs have a use in both the medical field as well as for performance enhancement in bodybuilding and fitness circles.

The medical uses consist of treating the following

Testosterone replacement therapy
For these conditions and others not yet known, many SARMs are going through both pre-clinical and clinical trials to determine their efficacy. Researchers also hope to reap the following benefits from SARMs

Male contraception – e.g., S-23 is being investigated for this
Designing treatments for women with no virilization problems (development of masculine features)
SARMS Results you get for fitness training and bodybuilding

What are the visible results you will get from using SARMs? SARMs will typically give you results in weeks after you start using them

Muscle definition will noticeably improve, and this can be seen even in people who are in an otherwise good physical state
You will notice stunning amounts in stamina, allowing you to achieve great levels of exertion
Fat deposits will also noticeably go, a consequence of your enhanced stamina since your ability to work out more intensely helps you burn fat rapidly
With more exercise comes even better muscle definition as the weeks in your cycle go by
Women will find that they can get dramatic results including fat reduction without virilization problems
Astonishing muscle gains are also achievable. In just months, as much as 20 pounds have been gained. Studies show that 3 to 15 pounds of lean muscle gain is achievable if users take SARMs consistently for 12 weeks.
Also in the same period, those cutting have reduced as much as 10 pounds
These gains should immediately become clear to you, especially because they seemed unachievable given the natural limit your own body imposed on you before. To your pleasant surprise, you will notice that you are now able to breach this limit with relative ease as a result of using SARMS.


Accompanying these benefits, you will also see some side effects. SARMs are considered to be better than steroids or prohormones because they give fewer side effects and are less harmful to your health. Nonetheless, there are some side effects associated with SARMs that you should do well to know

Men can get gynecomastia or men’s boobs if they extend their SARMs use beyond 4 weeks while on higher doses.
Women who use SARMs for more than a month (4 weeks), will get virilization issues. These are unwanted masculine features such as a deeper voice or an Adam’s apple
For both men and women, if one originally has oily skin, they may get acne breakout.
Using SARMs for prolonged periods can cause infertility
A tendency in men to get baldness especially if there is a predisposition to it (genetic factor)
The side effects of SARMS are usually easily avoidable since all you need to remember is that they come from an overdose or long-term use.

Ensure at all times that you stay within the recommended dosage and use SARMs for only short periods with breaks

Results with stacks

Stacking SARMs together or with other compounds just raises the possibilities and intensities of the results you can get. It’s a common strategy employed by bodybuilders, but it is also recommended that if you are a beginner, get started with just one (unstacked) SARM. SARMs stacks can come as double or even triple stacks, with your goal determining which to go with.

There is a suitable stack that gets you great results, whether it is bulking, cutting, or adding strength. Stacks are quite safe and effective, and you can choose to combine them however you want. Some of them include

Andarine + others – A popular choice among bodybuilders although Andarine is quite powerful working on its own. Combining with LGD 4033 and MK 2866 can yield impressive results
Cardarine + MK-2866 – MK 2866 has virtually zero side effects which make it ideal for stacking with other SARMs for outstanding results
Ostarine + LGD 4033 – LGD 4033, given its frequent use, goes well with any other SARM. Added to Ostarine, it makes a potent fat burner since it can’t play this role well on its own. This stack is a great option for both cutting and bulking
Cardarine + LGD 4033 – ideal for stunning gains in muscle mass, you can start with just Cardarine and add LGD 4033 as you go
Ostarine + GW 501516 – if you want to achieve great muscle tone and cut, this is the stack for you. This stack helps you to shred fat, add strength and build up muscle
Cardarine + Ostarine + Andarine (triple stack) – this is one of the greatest options if cutting is your main focus
What Steroids do you that SARMS won’t

Harm to your prostate
Harms your reproductive health
Causes shrinkage in your testes
Are addictive. This can potentially lead to you requiring TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). This is where your body no longer produces its hormones and essentially needs to be rebooted.
SARMs won’t cause any of these effects


The before and after results show that SARMS are a great option for you to try and reach your fitness or performance-enhancing goals.

Given the lack or scarcity of side effects, they are a clear winner over steroids which are notorious for many side effects, not least of which is the possibility of losing your life. SARMs do have side effects, but they are nothing compared to those of steroids. Moreover, most of these side effects can be prevented by avoiding overdoses and keeping SARMs usage within reasonably short periods.

Take note that not every result or side effect of using SARMS is known since they are still being studied, and their long term impact is unknown.