Creatine + endurance training = a lot more mitochondria in your muscle cells

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    Creatine + endurance training = a lot more mitochondria in your muscle cells

    Creatine + endurance training = a lot more mitochondria in your muscle cells

    Creatine is perhaps just as interesting for endurance athletes as it is for strength athletes. This is suggested an animal study, which Egyptian researchers from Pharos University in Alexandria published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. According to the Egyptians, endurance athletes can increase the ability of their muscle cells to convert nutrients into energy through creatine supplementation.

    For 5 weeks, the researchers experimented with 4 groups of rats.

    The researchers got two groups of rats to swim for one hour a day, 5 days a week, while two other groups of test animals did not have to swim.

    One group of inactive rats received extra creatine through the feed, as did one group of active rats. If the rats were adult humans, they would have received 4-7 grams of creatine daily.

    Supplementation and training had no significant effect on the body weight of the animals.

    Training increased the amount of mitochondria in the muscle cells of the rats. The combination of training and supplementation increased this amount even further.

    It seems that creatine supplementation stimulates the production of mitochondria via TFAM and NRF-1.

    "It can be concluded that, activity coupled with short-term creatine supplementation increased all factors or mitochondrial biogenesis and improved skeletal muscle functions", the researchers write.

    We, the prosaic compilers of this free web magazine, think that creatine supplementation can also be interesting for ambitious endurance athletes. After all, more mitochondria mean that muscle cells are able to generate more energy, which means that stamina increases considerably.

    Creatine supplementation may become even more effective in combination with curcumin, L-citrulline or pre- or probiotics.

    Source: Exp Ther Med. 2020;19(1):384-92.
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    My creatine kinase levels were 3600 Friday 1700 Saturday and 1300 Sunday . How do I lower these levels

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