When you're young, the temptation is maybe to think, 'More is more.' But a lot of the time less is more....

A little testosterone and a little oxandrolone as effective as a good dose of testosterone
(JAMA. 1999 Apr 14; 281 (14): 1282-90.)

Let your men train for 20 weeks with weights and inject them with 600 mg of testosterone enantate, then,
according to studies, it yields 8 kilos of extra lean body mass. It is also possible with less, doctors of the University of California discovered. You can achieve almost the same result with a pronounced mild course of oxandrolone and testosterone enantate - which only lasts 8 weeks.

The researchers published a trial in chic JAMA in 1999 in response to the studies in which researchers gave men with HIV large doses for medical purposes, such as 600 mg of nandrolone decanoate per week. The HIV men also trained with weights. The researchers do not think that high doses are necessary. That is why they decided on a trial in which they gave 22 HIV patients 20 mg oxandrolone daily and a 100 mg testosterone enantate injection every week. The course lasted 8 weeks.

The men trained 3 times a week with weights. Under the guidance of a trainer, they took care of the most important muscles of the upper body with 6 basic exercises, and trained the lower body with 3 basic exercises. They trained with weights that were 80 percent of the weight with which they could just make 1 rep [1RM].

Eleven men only received a 100 mg testosterone enantate injection every week and took a placebo. Eleven other men took 20 mg of oxandrolone every day.
The figure below shows that after 8 weeks the oxandrolone group had gained nearly 8 kilos of lean body mass.

The men in the oxandrolone group also became stronger faster than the other men. For the bench press and leg press, the maximum weight for the men in the placebo group increased by 10 and 20 pounds respectively. For the men in the oxandrolone group that was 20 and 30 kilos.
The men in the oxandrolone group also lost a few ounce more fat than the men in the placebo group.

It is therefore not necessary at all to cure 20 weeks with 600 mg if you want to gain 8 kilos of lean body mass, the researchers conclude. It is also possible with lower doses.

Moreover, the mild oxandrolone testosterone treatment was not entirely without side effects. In the oxandrolone group, 1 patient had to drop out because his liver started to act strange. Blood tests also showed that the addition of oxandrolone to the modest testosterone course further reduced the body's own production of testosterone. The production of the hormones LH and FSH decreased extra in the oxandrolone group, the researchers discovered. LH and FSH have the testes produce testosterone.

Some men used virus inhibitors. These drugs did not influence the effects of the steroids.
"The combination of resistance exercise with a moderately supraphysiologic androgen regimen that included oxandrolone increased significantly increased lean tissue and muscle strength than resistance exercise with physiologic testosterone replacement alone in eugonadal HIV-infected men with prior weight loss, " conclude the researchers. " The use of protease inhibitor therapy did not affect the lean tissue response".