Current bw 242 6"2 im currently running a cruise at 250mg test cyp for 6 weeks

Competition cycle

First 6 weeks im going to start at
500mg test cyp or 400mg

Last 8 weeks
Test prop at 400mg or 500mg
Tren ace 400mg

6 weeks out T3 15 micro grams twice a week

Last 4 weeks
Masteron 400mg
50mg winstrol
Tren ace 400mg
Test prop 400 to 500mg

10 to 7 days out im cutting test out

Last 3 days cutting tren out

Im keeping winny and mast and t3 still on tho till the show

Total cutt cycle weeks

Also im using aromsin 12.5mg eod
letro also prami/caber

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