You have to be in caloric deficit for losing weight

DIET: Improve your diet. Stay away from junk food, processed food and food that contains sugar. Eat clean and healthy food rich in protein and fibre. Lower your carb intake and use artificial sweetener or stevia in place of sugar. Don’t stuff your stomach now and then, Eat only when you feel hungry. Always have something to eat like nuts or protein bar in case you have nothing to eat or you are out somewhere for work.

For fast result start with low carb diet and then follow a keto diet. Using these diets with Intermittent fasting will give you results a lot faster. Do IF when you workout small muscles with low carb or keto.

WEIGHT TRAINING: Do multi-joint exercises like deadlift, bench press, squats etc. It will involve more than one group of muscle and try 2 body parts one big and one small like back and biceps. Do around 2–3 workout for smaller body parts. Introduce circuit training at least once a week.

CARDIO: Fasted cardio first thing in the morning, you will accelerate your fat loss. HIIT is best for you. 4–5 times a week will be enough.

Supplements: You can add whey protein and a good fat burner if you don't have any problem with supplements otherwise use black coffee it's very helpful and beneficial in fat loss.

Helpful tips :

Be consistent. Drink lots of water, don't drop your fats intake as fats will provide you calorie for your energy as you will be dropping your carbs. Gradually decrease your calories.

Don't take a lot of stress and do proper rest.

Be active, go for a jog or play outdoors.