Gregg Valentino confirms that he has throat cancer

Gregg Valentino has been around the bodybuilding scene for a long time. However, he was recently given some tragic news, which will change his life forever.

Valentino has always been a very outspoken, somewhat controversial figure in bodybuilding. He has never been afraid to speak his mind, regardless of the potential consequences. As a result, he has become close friends with several bodybuilders, and other figures in the sport, as people appreciate his upfront and honest approach to life.

However, in a recent video to his YouTube channel, Gregg Valentino confirmed some heartbreaking news. The New Yorker revealed that he has throat cancer. As he explains, he went to get a tumor removed from his throat, and to his surprise, was told that he had cancer.

“As you all know, I had surgery not too long ago. I had been telling everybody I thought it was Human Papillomavirus, because I had this growth in my throat. It was actually pretty big, it was over two centimeters… After that, I went to the doctor, and it is cancer. So I do have throat cancer. We didn’t think it was cancer, I didn’t think it was cancer, but it’s throat cancer.”

This is terrible news, but Valentino does not want people feeling sorry for him.

“Now I’m not telling you this because I want everybody to write ‘oh, don’t worry about it Gregg.’ I appreciate everybody that cares for me and supports me. Yeah, I’m going to fight this. I’ll be alright. They did cut that thing out of me, so that’s a plus already. But, I do have throat cancer.”