72 Year Old Chinese Bodybuilder Qiu Jun Dies From Coronavirus

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    72 Year Old Chinese Bodybuilder Qiu Jun Dies From Coronavirus

    72 Year Old Chinese Bodybuilder Qiu Jun Dies From Coronavirus

    His passion for training may have been his undoing.

    The coronavirus has swept across the globe putting the planet on edge. Originally first discovered in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many Chinese citizens. One such individual is Qiu Jun.

    An experienced bodybuilder with a passion for competing, Qiu Jun has been described by his students as a man dedicated to training and improving himself. Qiu Jun not only trained himself for competitions but other up and coming bodybuilders as well.

    Still training in the gym in January amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, Qiu Jun didn’t heed the warnings from his students to stay inside and postpone his training. It’s believed that this was when he contracted the sickness.

    Qiu Jun had been prepping for a bodybuilding show in June. He had competed in the same show a year prior where he earned second place in the elderly category. He had hoped to replicate or potentially outdo his performance from the year before.

    Qiu Jun finally stopped training after the city of Wuhan was put on lockdown on January 23. The day after Qiu Jun came down with a fever and lost his appetite. Several days later Qiu Jun was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a lung infection.

    The fever persisted and eventually Qiu Jun succumbed to the virus on February 6.

    Qiu Jun had been an avid fitness fanatic since retiring back in 2003. He competed in bodybuilding and trained hard because it was his passion. In a way, Qiu Jun died doing what he loved.

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