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    Pharmaqo ?

    Anyone used this stuff ...

    i asked for sis labs but got sent this stuff Pharmaqo test e 300..

    some say it's sis rebranded but i don't by that ..for a start it looks like clear water and not the yellowish color of sis labs test ..

    so no way it's sis rebranded or it would be the same color ..and don't say really as i been using sis labs for 2 years and not one
    vial has been white in color and like piss water...

    there not ever stocked under sis labs on any web sites the last time i had test this color was test e by Triumph labs
    and some test prop from some other lab that i cant remember now ..both was shit ..the prop had fck all test in it and the
    Triumph shit stung like a bitch and made your leg twice the size for three days after..could not walk on that shit ..

    i would of told the guy i'm not happy with this shit you sent as i siad SIS not some new shit Pharmaqo..

    anyway i never siad owt because i seen this lab test on it witch i think is bull shit as they would of sent it for testing to ...

    look at this lol ...
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