Actor Ethan Suplee Details How He Lost Over 250 Pounds And Got Jacked

Ethan Suplee opens up about his jaw-dropping transformation.

Most of you know actor Ethan Suplee – though perhaps you didn’t know him by name. He had appeared in a wide variety of films and TV shows including Mallrats, American History X, Remember The Titans, and My Name Is Earl. Beyond his acting talents, he was known for his very specific overweight frame. The minute he appeared in a film, you couldn’t physically miss him. But now in 2020, an image went viral showcasing Suplee’s dramatic weight loss transformation. Now jacked and hitting the gym nearly every day, Suplee is almost unrecognizable. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Ethan Suplee opens up about his weight loss transformation and details the training routine.

It’s been often said that bodybuilding and fitness isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. True change comes from fundamentally changing the way you live your entire life. Everything from schedules, nutrition, and how active you are need to change at the ground floor in order to see real change in your health and physique. Ethan Suplee is a perfect example of this. An actor best known for his iconic roles, often carrying a large overweight frame, now looks unrecognizable as a jacked man 250 pounds lighter.

But though his transformation image went viral just this year, his transformation was a long one spanning the past decade. His role in the TV hit, My Name Is Earl, showcased a far skinnier Suplee than we had seen previously – but his transformation in 2020 is something completely different.

Ethan Suplee details how he first focused on cardio and became an avid bicyclist during his My Name Is Earl years. But after going to the doctor, his weight loss wasn’t necessarily the kind of healthy change he needed. He had to change more than his exercise routine. He needed to change his entire lifestyle.

Suplee then went back and forth with gaining wait again until he finally locked in on a new training routine, diet, and lifestyle that worked for him and his health. A change that ultimately led to the version of Suplee we see today. He’s actually not as skinny as he was on My Name Is Earl – but he’s in better shape. And he looks better too, with a jacked physique that makes him look like a completely different person.

Lifestyle changes are hard. Ethan Suplee knows it – which is why he was more than happy to open up about his entire journey to becoming fit including his current training routine that ultimately led to his current physique. A physique that for the first time in his life makes him happy.