Modern Bodybuilding Physiques Like Big Ramy Are Grotesque

Gregg Valentino believes that bodybuilding physiques have gone too far and are no longer pleasant to the eye.

The Olympia 2019 seemed to reach a pinnacle in a growing criticism of modern bodybuilding physiques. The idea that today’s bodybuilders have less appealing physiques than previous generations. For many, the Olympia 2019 was one of disappointment showcasing the top 5 bodybuilders with physiques that are too bulking and not conditioned enough. Has the mass monster size finally gone too far? Is bodybuilding truly regressing? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Gregg Valentino explains why he thinks bodybuilders like Big Ramy have become grotesque and destroyed the “beauty” of the sport.

The concept of mass monster bodybuilders has been around for quite a long time. Unofficially first introduced when Dorian Yates shocked audiences on stage and solidified with Ronnie Coleman’s impossible physique – the sport has been chasing this inhuman size ever since. It’s been the natural evolution of the sport in some ways. Athletes want to keep trying to push the limit of what is possible and judges are rewarding them for it.

But according to Gregg Valentino, something has been lost during this evolution. Specifically, the beauty of the sport. The beauty of the physiques. Gregg’s not alone with this thinking. It’s been a growing concern among many fans and critics to the point that a whole new division called Classic Physique has been invented to bring back that old school look.

But the Men’s Open is still the star of the show – and if the Olympia 2019 is any indication – many fans are disappointed with how size is taking center stage at the sacrifice of conditioning and aesthetic.

Gregg Valentino compares today’s bodybuilders to the legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He reminds everyone that the weight of these superstars were much smaller than the near 300 pound physiques we see people aiming for today. Even the average 250 pound physiques are much larger in size than the Golden Era.

Gregg wants to make it clear that he doesn’t want to take away from the current crop of athletes. They still work hard and have impressive superhuman physiques compared to most humans in the world. And he doesn’t think it’s their fault. It’s just the natural evolution of competition when people keep trying to top each other and top what came before them.

Ultimately, Gregg believes this has sadly led to physique now looking “grotesque.” Yes, they are still impressive but they aren’t as artistic. They aren’t as beautiful – as he puts it. Arnold Schwarzenegger once stated that he wanted judging to start taking points off and being harsher towards physiques that are too big and bulky. Technically they already do that – but perhaps people like Gregg Valentino and Arnold Schwarzenegger simply want it to be stricter. That would change the way athletes try to prepare. If a mass monster physique doesn’t earn them prize money and recognition – why would they keep trying to push the size limit?

Of course, at the end of the day judging is subjective. Arnold wants points taken off for bulking physiques. Judges say they do that. But apparently not to the level of Arnold’s liking. There’s no objective measurement for that. And to be fair, the Classic Physique division has put height and weight limits to try and bring a level of objectivity to these concepts.

Perhaps we are simply dead in the middle of a change. Perhaps one day the Classic Physique division will (slowly) become the top division at the Olympia that has the biggest prize money. But until then – life long bodybuilding fans like Gregg Valentino will lament the loss of beauty in today’s version of the sport.