Rooiboos-dandelion combination increases testosterone levels, human study
A combination of extracts of rooibos - yep, the stuff you make tea from - and the equally common dandelion increase testosterone levels, according to Korean in vitro and animal studies, we wrote some days ago. Today we are bothering you with a human study. Thank you very much.
The research we are aiming for was conducted by Yoo-Hun Noh, a researcher affiliated with Chung-Ang University in South Korea - and the supplement company Famenity. []

Although the study was funded by the Korean government, business interests do play a role here. Famenity produces the supplement MR-10, which should increase the testosterone level of older men.

MR-10 contains a combination of extracts - yes! - rooibos and dandelion.Study
Yoo-Hun Noh divided 96 men aged 45 or older into 2 groups. Half of the subjects took 400 milligrams of rooibos dandelion every day for 4 weeks, while the other half took a placebo.

After 4 weeks had passed, both the amount of total testosterone and the amount of free testosterone in the blood of the men taking MR-10 had increased.

Testosterone levels rose in about 15 percent of the subjects in the supplementation group. The unbound testosterone level even rose in a quarter of the subjects. This implies that the supplement had no effect in 85-75 percent of the men.
Using a questionnaire, the researcher determined whether the men had symptoms that could be due to low testosterone levels and saw that the scores in the supplement group decreased.

Side effects did not occur. The supplement did not cause liver abnormalities, nor did it affect PSA levels.
"MR-10 may be a safe and effective nutraceutical agent for the treatment of andropause symptoms and for improving men's health", Yoo-Hun Noh writes.

J Med Food. 2018;21(12):1288-94.