Thymosin Alpha 1 - Best Peptide in the World?

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    Thymosin Alpha 1 - Best Peptide in the World?

    If you have not heard of it before, give this a quick read. This stuff is SUPER beneficial for Health according to doctors I have spoken with. In fact it is touted as being more beneficial then Glutathione. So put this in your knowledge arsenal. I'm trying to learn more about this as we speak and will share any new developments with you guys asap.

    Thymosin Alpha-1, a naturally occuring 28 amino acid thymic peptide is a biological response modifier, that has been introduced to the market in recent years to treat various diseases. Thymosin alpha1 was isolated from the thymic tissue in the mid-sixties and has gained considerable attention for its immunostimulatory activity. This endogenous peptide has also led to its application to diverse pathological conditions, including cancer. In studies, it’s been found to modulate the immune system and play a vital role in the control of immunity, tumor suppression, tolerance, and inflammation.
    Thymosin Alpha-1 Dosage: How Much Should you Inject?

    Thymosin Alpha-1 is available in an injection form and is available with a prescription from a specialist or your primary care physician. The lyophilized powder is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water prior to use. Depending on the treatment protocol, Thymosin Alpha-1 injections are administered subcutaneously, twice per week, for the best results. Standard dosing is a 1.6 mg dose that is administered for treatments including chronic hepatitis, cancer, and other illnesses. Injections are administered by doctors, specialists, or patients can self-administer at home as instructed by their physician.
    Patients taking other medication or on other treatments should discuss with their doctor or a specialist prior to administering Thymosin Alpha-1.
    Thymosin Alpha-1 Uses

    Thymosin Alpha-1 can be used in treating certain forms of cancer, it’s also administered as a treatment for chronic hepatitis, melanoma, Lyme’s disease, chronic fatigue, HIV/Aids, autoimmune diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s beneficial in treating autoimmune dysfunctions as well as inflammatory conditions. Thymosin Alpha-1 enhances the function of certain immune cells called T and dendritic cells. This function helps eradicate unhealthy cells and stop the infection or cancer growth. Thymosin Alpha-1 has also been shown to suppress tumor growth, increase vaccine effectiveness and protect against oxidative damage. Thymosin is a hormone that is produced by the thyroid, meaning it is naturally recurring in the body, making it appropriate for use in an injection form for most patients who suffer from these conditions. Thymosin is responsible for the development of the production of disease-fighting T-cells. Therefore, it’s beneficial for those who are deficient in the production of this hormone, to use injections to treat that deficiency. Individuals who suffer from certain thyroid conditions might also benefit from using Thymosin Alpha-1 injections regularly.
    Thymosin also assists in the production of B-cells to plasma, which helps the body produces antibodies to fight off certain illnesses and ailments. Those who are deficient in the production of thymosin can also benefit from injections administered by their doctor or a specialist, to help the body build up necessary antibodies to protect the immune system.
    Thymosin Alpha-1 Side Effects

    Common side effects experienced with the administration of this peptide injection include

    • Pain, discomfort, redness, or muscle atrophy at the site of injection

    Individuals who are taking other medication should consult their doctor if they experience these, or other side effects when using Thymosin Alpha-1 injections. Additionally, if pain, discomfort, or other signs of irritation persist, let your doctor know immediately to determine if the peptide injections are safe to continue based upon the side effects you’re experiencing.
    No two individuals will react the same when using Thymosin Alpha-1 injections as a treatment for different chronic conditions or deficiencies. And, those who are taking medication should speak to their healthcare professional prior to starting a dosage cycle to ensure it’s safe to use the injections along with other medications they’re taking.

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    Amazing info!

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