Michelle Lewin distraught as husband Jimmy Lewin fights for his life

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    Michelle Lewin distraught as husband Jimmy Lewin fights for his life

    Michelle Lewin distraught as husband Jimmy Lewin fights for his life

    Fitness star Michelle Lewin went to her popular social media pages to ask for prayers for her husband Jimmy Lewin.

    Jimmy Lewin was rushed to hospital after suffering acute liver failure last Friday.

    It seems the situation went from bad to worse for the popular fitness trainer as he then suffered more complications.

    His wife Michelle confirmed Jimmy is also suffering from Acute Hepatic Failure, Acute Renal Failure, and Heart Failure with Ascending Aortic Artery Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection.

    It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel as Michelle also confirmed on Sunday that Jimmy is showing signs of improvement.

    Michelle published two posts on her official Instagram page letting her 13million plus fan base know about the horrible news.

    Michelle Lewin’s First Message
    My people, you know that I do not use my networks for problems or bad news, but here I am to ask you for just one favor, and that is to help me pray for the love of my life. ???????? Thank you for your love and support throughout these years. You are like our family and that is why I feel obliged to share with you the difficult situation we are experiencing at this time.

    I will be away from social media for a while, to accompany my loving husband JIMMY LEWIN, who is in critical condition with acute liver failure.

    I ask you from my heart to pray for his health, so that his strength and will to live help him recover and move forward. I also pray to God that the doctors make the right decisions and that we can soon get out of this difficult situation …

    Thank you for your support and solidarity. We love you

    Michelle and Jimmy


    Michelle Lewin’s Second Message
    I will be with you until the end through thick and thin, always by your side no matter the obstacles.
    My people I will always say it without you I am nobody, in this case you are helping me with your prayers because my God is listening to us, and yesterday was a great day my Jimmy is reacting and breathing by himself, he is still critical but stable.
    Its improvements are very few, but they fill me with strength and hope and above all it makes me very clear that God is with us and is listening to us.

    Sorry if I do not answer messages or calls or if some requests are not arriving on time, but now my head is not right, and I am trying to organize myself, be calm and strong for my husband because he needs me.

    Jimmy’s diagnosis is Acute Hepatic Failure, Acute Renal Failure, and Heart Failure with Ascending Aortic Artery Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection.

    Jimmy is fighting, and he is very strong, well in the photo you can see him, they covered his little hands because he is trying to stop everything confused to try to take everything off.

    Today is also a good day for us, the enzymes are going down and it is a very good sign.

    Sunday 8:30 am

    We have it 80% back at the level of consciousness. He’s more awake today. More serene. Understand everything. I switch to a liquid diet. He know what happened to him.

    Liver enzymes lowered more from yesterday to today. Now AST low from 2792 to 1738. ALT low from 4300 to 3550. Kidneys creatinine 6.3 (it’s going down too). Now he’s on dialysis again. Potassium 5.2.

    Please keep praying!
    God is listening to us.
    Thank you all.

    Jimmy Lewin
    Jimmy Lewin started on a wild ride when he left Sweden in 1997. Stepping onto the plane, he had no idea he’d never return to his hometown. After getting bit by the travel bug, Jimmy lived in Italy, India, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and finally Venezuela, where he met his gorgeous wife, International Fitness Model Michelle Lewin. Now settled in Miami, the pair have taken the fitness world by storm.

    Jimmy initially started working out to change his drinking-and-partying lifestyle. His newfound focus on health and fitness caused his party life to slow down and his interest in training to ramp up. Through hard work and discipline, and the extra motivation that comes with being married to Michelle, he saw incredible results. In the words of Jimmy, “you can’t really slack being married to the hottest girl on the planet.” He knew he had found his calling.

    Up until now, Jimmy has been the man behind the camera. As a trainer, manager, and agent, he has helped Michelle build her global brand. But when Jimmy joined Instagram, he suddenly found himself in the spotlight and his account grew faster than he ever expected. Thousands have contacted Michelle and Fitplan to request Jimmy as their personal trainer, and now Jimmy has answered.

    Michelle Lewin
    Michelle Lewin has gone from being the girl-next-door, working in a local clinic in Venezuela, to one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. And all in record time.

    Based in South Florida, the power of social media has allowed her to reach fans all over the world. Whether walking the streets of Miami, Caracas, Cairo, Canberra or Moscow, Michelle is recognized everywhere and is Miss Worldwide.

    Part fitness model, part bodybuilder, part bikini babe – Michelle is visible all over the globe. After immigrating to America in 2012, she has become the latin queen of the fitness scene and her svelte figure has graced over 30 magazine covers, from Sports & Fitness to Her Muscle & Fitness to Iron Man. send our prayers to Michelle and Jimmy during this difficult situation. We hope to see Jimmy back to great health very soon.

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    Who and who now??

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