Mass Mix long ester
Deca/Test -Decanoate 200/200mg

Test deconate is a long ester, that is actually part of Sustanon. It’s half life 15 days so pinned alone you could pin it every 1-2wks.

With the addition of Deca, which is a longer ester as well, this DYNAMIC DUO should be pinned 2x a week with ease.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited AF for this combo!

Injectable SXript B12 1000mcg per ml

Some benefits include...
Brain boost
Energy boost
Immune system boost
Aids in anxiety, weight loss and sleep!

I also believe that you could use this as your BAC water which would make a great combo with SXRIPT PURPLE TOPS GH!

Couple ways to pin it...
Low dose more frequent:
100mcg every 6-7 days
High dose less frequent:
1000mcg everyday for a week, then 1x per month.

“Where everyone can afford it and enjoy it.”

PM me with any questions
Email Red Bird for list