Zinc supplement accelerates weight loss during slimming diet
Weight loss attempts tend to be successful if you a. take your time and b. reduce your calorie intake to a level that is only a few hundred kilocalories below your requirement. And if you believe the research that appeared in Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome in 2019, weight loss efforts may be even more successful if you combine them with zinc supplementation.Study

A well-informed reader alerts us to the remarkable trial published in 2019 by Hoda Khorsandi, a nutritional scientist from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Khorsandi got 40 obese subjects to lose weight for 15 weeks by reducing their energy intake. During the experiment, the subjects consumed about 300 kilocalories less daily than they burnt.Half of the subjects took a placebo every day, the other half received a supplement with 7 milligrams of elemental zinc in the form of 30 milligrams of zinc sulphate every day. The Iranians used supplements manufactured by Dineh Iran Company.

The subjects who received zinc supplements lost three times more weight than the subjects in the placebo group. Zinc supplementation also increased the reduction in waist circumference and waist:hip ratio.

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A healthy and normal zinc level fluctuates between 70 and 120 micrograms per deciliter. Before the trial began, the mean zinc level in the zinc group was 65 micrograms per deciliter, which is below that. Supplementation brought the zinc level to 75, which is in the healthy range.The opposite happened in the placebo group. Before the trial began, the mean zinc level was 71 - just in the healthy range. During the trial, the zinc level dropped to 68 micrograms per deciliter.
The researchers saw an improvement in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in the concentration of inflammatory proteins in the zinc group. They suspect that these processes explain how zinc supplementation improves weight loss results.
"This study indicates that zinc supplementation with a restricted calorie diet has favorable effects in reducing anthropometric measurements [...] in individuals with obesity, and may play an effective role in the treatment of obesity", write the researchers.

Diabetol Metab Syndr. 2019 Dec 2;11:101.