Does anything stress out Ronnie Coleman?

You couldn’t tell it from looking at Ronnie Coleman – but he’s a man in constant and serious pain. This is due to the many spinal injuries and surgeries he has had over the years. When speaking to Ronnie though, he seems like the happiest guy in the world. This trait has come to define Ronnie throughout his life. A legendary bodybuilding champion with a heart of gold. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Ronnie Coleman shares with us if there’s anything bodybuilding, life, or otherwise that causes him stress.

The unused footage from the making of Ronnie Coleman: The King has been a treasure trove of little details and exciting insights about Ronnie. Like any movie, it’s impossible to fit everything into the final cut. That’s why we have been releasing the uncut extended footage as part of our GI Exclusive Vault segments.

This week’s new vault segment explores the positive and optimistic nature of Ronnie’s personality. Ronnie Coleman has been described by nearly everyone as a kind man who never gets angry. While speaking to him in our interview, we used the opportunity to see if there was anything that actually caused him stress in life.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly for those who know him, Ronnie Coleman claims to not get stressed at all about… anything. He explains that the only things in life that might stress him out are things out of his control. Fortunately, nearly everything he deals with on a daily basis are in his control.

When something wasn’t working in bodybuilding, he researched and trained harder. When he struggled with a concept in college, he studied more. Ronnie Coleman’s work ethic cannot be understated. He might be the single hardest working man on the planet. Any challenge he faces is reacted to with hard work until the job is done. He has no qualms with putting in hard work. So these struggles don’t stress him out.

In fact, he claims to get so invested into whatever hard work he’s doing that it becomes a pure joy. He tells us a story about his time going through college. He would end up studying later than he even needed to as he would move onto other topics through pure fascination. He loved to work hard to learn, to improve, and to grow.

Also during this segment, Ronnie Coleman discusses the most common question he receives from fans. He also discusses what he believes his purpose in life was to do. Spoiler alert – it was to become an Olympia champion. Having won the Olympia 8x – he basically completed his life purpose for a full decade straight. Something he never originally expected.