Want to be a freak? You're in luck. I'm drunk and going to tell you but let's face it. You don't really want this do you? Want to be a FREAK?


Want the girls dropping thier jaw when you walk in the room? Want the guys saying WTF when they see you? Want her down on her knees in front of you telling you how hot your abs look before she takes you in her mouth?


Yeah, most guys do but they don't want to work for it. Face it. Most guys are lazy, don't want to sacrifice and can't eat strict for a week. I'm not going to bullshit you guys in this thread. I will lay it all out but the truth is we don't really want it bad enough. We say we do until we are 45 minutes into our tenth cardio session that week. WE say it until our muscles hurt so bad there are tears in our eyes and we give up. We want it until we have to eat fish for the 4th time that day...I say I want it but I fucking love beer more, so I drink...I say I want to be a FREAK but I don't want to work for it. I'm 10 weeks into a blast and my will feels broken...I can't go on, or can I??? Do I really want this life? No time but time to train. Time to cook, Time to grocery shop, Time to tan. Fuck!!! Not fish and shakes again...FUCK my life.

I walk past the mirror and catch a glimpse. MY obliques are chiseled. My veins look like spider webs all over my body. I catch her looking at me at work, at the store, at the gym. Guys ask me what I'm on. I can't take it. i'm on a FUCKING starvation diet and a shit load of cardio but that's not what they want to hear. They want to hear what drugs to take...You PM me every fucking day. Same questions over and over. ITS NOT THE DRUGS DUMMY!!! Or is it??? Yes and no. Can you take the sides?

Really??? 2 fucking weeks from now you will PM me again whining. I can't sleep. I can't eat like this. I can't do that much cardio. I can't. I can't... THEN STOP PM'ing ME!!!! I can't help you. You don't fucking want this! Just admit it! You don't fucking want this. Its hard. It hurts. You have no social life. You are in the gym when your buddies are drinking beer. You are doing cardio when guys are lying on the couch. You spend your last $50 on protein powder and a bottle of prop. I know all this because I am you. I want it for 2-3 months then I give up. Fuck 10 sessions of cardio a week. Fuck eating fish. Fuck taking pills so I can sleep from all the insomnia from the tren.

Its ok. Get some sleep. wake up and pin. fuck I love to pin. Push in more oil. I love it. My lunches are packed. Off to work. Train after work. Get the pump. Here they come. What are you on??? Not this again... I'm on a crazy train. Fuck my life but fuck I look good and I can lift a shit load of weight. Go ahead. fuck with me. I will make fast work of you...The tren is in my head. Is she cheating on me? How much sleep did I get last night? 5 hours max. Pin some GH and prop and tren. Fuck, I need some caffeine. Ok, double espresso. Time to train.

So IF IF IF you can handle the work, cardio and diet not to mention the sides. Then what??? Drugs of course.

You want that freaky bodybuilder look and your g3netics are average like me???

Its actually quite simple but it takes a focus so strong and focused most give up in a few months if not sooner.

Fuck, where am I? Oh yeah the drugs. One word... Trenbolone. How lo0ng can you take it??? Don't cry to me in 3 weeks when you can't sleep. I don't give a fuck. I can't sleep either. Time for some Xanax. Maybe some whiskey. Most guys give up on tren right when its getting good. 9 weeks in and man your body is changing. The girls want you. Give me some Cialis, prop and more tren...How high can I go. 500mg tren per week and I look in the mirror. Who is this??? I don't even look the same. I need some mast. maybe some win, var, halo. Fuck I look like carved stone..;.lol, Im drunk but its all true. Do you want to be a freak? Man the fuck up and start working for it bitch.

Prop, tren and an oral is a good start. The question is HOW LONG CAN YOU RUN THIS??? Tren at 9 weeks 500mg per week and you are crazy. Eat, train, pin, sleep....over and over. Im feeling insane. just 6 more weeks. Its 4 months now..... Im sub 10% and huge. Not skinny. Huge and lean...How much longer can I go. I want to look like the guy on the cover of the magazine. REALLY??? Eat some more fish and do some more cardio...Fuck Fuck...

Do you really want to be a freak??? Really...?