Best Peptides to get shredded
Right now we have many peptides on market but most of them increase hunger and also spike insulin , so not good to a cutting or pre contest phase. The only 2 peptides indicated to cutting phase is HGH Frag and CJC1295 DAC .
CJC1295 DAC is probably the best peptide to increase hgh levels and also the easiest to use . The dosage is 2mg per week and you can use all in one shoot because he as a big active life . I prefer to slit in 4 dosages of 500mcg. This peptide don’t need to be taken on empty stomach .

HGH Frag is the fragment of the hgh that burns fat , and that’s why he works better than hgh at burning fat . Because is the only think he does , is only mission , and tha´s why he does that better than hgh . This peptide gives so quick results but he needs to be taken fasted in morning or during the night to have the full results from him . Ideal is not eat before and after taking it . The dosage is 250-500mcg per day .
You want to get shredded and don’t have money to buy HGH

You have also MT2 that is used to tan but same time help cure sexual problems and also help burn fat and kills appetite