Rebound post contest can be the best bulking cycle ever!

Yes . That´s why I said many times to my athletes and clients to get shredded first and then do a bulking cycle . And why? Because the leanest you are the better you absorbs the food, the ped´s and all your body works better because your insulin sensitivity is perfect. So never begin a bulking cycle over 15% body fat.

Saying that , when is the time you are more ripped and shredded? Post contest. So this is the time to go to another level, grow like weed, put maximum amount of muscle with less fat. Because your body is working so perfectly that you will grow much more lean mass in one month than doing a bulking cycle of 6 months. If you compete you don’t need to do offseason , you will get much better results using every post contest to grow. But is only the 30 days after contest , because after that your body slow down and start gaining more fat. But imagine you compete 3 times year and you gain 15 pounds of solid muscle after each competition in one year you have a crazy improvement .