Injectables are the base of any cycle because they are more stable on body , are less toxic and can be used for longer . The main injectable that should always be part of any cycle if you want to keep your sex drive, energy and mood is testosterone .

But orals are so powerfull that you need them to achieve you maximum potencial. Orals work so quick and some of them give more results than any injectable , so why not use them if they are a must to any cycle , bulking ( dbol , M1T, Anadrol ) and cutting ( anavar, winstrol, superdrol, halo, primo) .

The biggest concern about orals is liver toxicity , and doing that you lose hunger ( not good on bulking ) and also fell more lethargic . This is something that is worst with the age , I remember when I was young I handle easy 100mg dbol + 200mg anadrol same time without any acid reflex or hunger problems but now over 40´s I start having acid reflux , lose all my appetite .

After try many thinks to solve this I find a real great solution :
*Take all your orals right before bed , because during the night you can be lethargic without any problem and also lose the hunger when you will not eat more. That way you eat normally during the day and have no lethargy. Im doing that for 3 months and now I can use orals all my cycles.