The Anabolic Doc, breaks down safer alternatives to steroids.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, also known as the Anabolic Doc, has dedicated his entire life to helping those affected by long term anabolic use. As a former strength athlete himself, he sympathizes with the plight of an athlete who has used steroids or other PEDs to become the best… and start seeing negative side affects down the road. But is it possible to a safer, healthier substance, and get the same results as steroids? In our latest GI Exclusive, the Anabolic Doc explains which substances are comparable to steroids but also safer.

With great risk comes great reward. That’s the key mentality behind steroid and PED use. The Anabolic Doc does admit that there is no drug quite like steroids when it comes to results. But the negative health effects in the long term are also very serious as well. So is there a middle ground? Can there be a safe substance that helps boost athletic performance and muscle growth?

The truth is – nothing will hit the same as steroids or perhaps SARMS. But both steroids and SARMS have dangerous long term health effects. You can’t get something for nothing. The great improvements these substances provide will come at a cost. There’s simply no way around that.

But the Anabolic Doc also wants to list off other athlete performance boosting substances that are effective. A sort of middle ground between the massive boost of PEDs vs nothing at all. These drugs will not bring you to mass monster levels – but will certainly boost your results. If you value your health – it might be the better path to take while readjusting expectations for your physique.

First off, the Anabolic Doc breaks down testosterone boosters. Perfectly legal and largely safe – these supplements can help boost performance and muscle growth. Admittedly, this will have the least effect. Creatine, on the other hand, is a very powerful supplement. It’s healthy and it does help give a noticeable boost to muscle growth.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), on the other hand, are an extremely powerful alternative to steroids. This is why they’ve caught on in popularity over the years. But much like steroids – they seem to have serious health effects in the long term. Even worse, since the drug is not regulated, you might not even be getting what you’re paying for.

There have been studies done into SARMS that show many products are not what they claim to be. More specifically, many SARM products are not SARMs at all. At that point – what are you putting into your body? And how will it effect your health? It’s a big risk – and one that makes this group of substances a very dangerous direction to take.

The Anabolic Doc even goes as far so to compare heavy steroid use to light steroid use – or “microdosing.” The doctor explains that even an athlete who uses small amounts of steroids will face long term health issues (if the drug is done consistently). There is no free lunch.

Ultimately, Dr. O’Connor is not going to tell an athlete not to use these substances. He simply wants to educate about what the real effects are so that an athlete can make an educated decision. And if the athlete needs medical help (such as TRT) down the road – Dr. O’Connor will be there to provide relief. No war on drugs has ever been effective. But education can be a powerful tool to prevent ignorant and accidental decisions.