I did my recombinant bike hour thing today.Always helps the legs after mad squat days. Anyway, here's my review of Leaf AF.

During the front end of my cycle I kept the weights going up. Usually, I would deload a bit before a cut but I didn't.

Even though I was dieting and doing a moderate dose my strength went up a bit at first. When I eventually started deloading it wasn't by much.

My opinion of this stack is it's great for cutting and would even be better at a higher dose, for a lean gainer. The muscle hardness in my quads is crazy. It's a bit dry for my old ass but adding in 4-dhea helped a bit. A test base would be better tho.

I will probably do another cycle of this as a lean gainer. If you can't tell, I like this. The 1-dhea is at a nice dose for strength without the lethargy.