Both are helpful, but which is better for your gains?

For those of us looking to build insane strength and size, either for a massive aesthetic or performance results, creatine is one of those supplements we absolutely need to have on the shelf but the choice between creatine capsules vs. powder can be hard. As a safe and effective supplement, and easy way to see gains, creatine pairs nicely with a host of other products like protein powders, pre-workouts, and many more. But how to choose the best creatine option can be challenging.

Unlike some supplements, which only come in a powder or pill form depending on the supplement, creatine is available in both options. While it may be as simple as coming down to a preference in how you want to take your supplement, it can be hard to decide, for you want to maximize all your gains without sacrificing anything. So, we get to that tough question, which one is better?

Let’s take a look at creatine and note some of the differences between taking it in either pill or powder form. The right supplement can skyrocket your gains so the pressure is on to choose the right one. Good news is, it is absolutely possible to find.

What Is Creatine?
Creatine is an amino acid found in your muscles and your brain primarily used to boost energy and performance, increase muscle strength and size, avoid muscle breakdown, and retain as much muscle mass for performance and your aesthetic. What creatine does is it takes adenosine diphosphate (ADP), energy byproduct that is useless for your body, and recycles it to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your body’s energy source. This allows for increased energy stores for your next workout (1).

A creatine supplement gives your body a boost when looking to refuel these stores so you can tackle any workout that comes your way. As an effective tool to increase strength and size, it is no wonder why so many athletes use this supplement as a way to see gains.

Benefits Of Creatine
As mentioned above, creatine has the ability to really give you great benefits to strength and size, among other things. Benefits of creatine include:

  • Bigger, stronger muscles: Provide for more muscle pumps and increased blood flow through those overworked muscles for increased growth (2).
  • Better performance: Refuel those energy stores and enhance power output to support growth and recovery (3).
  • Support metabolism: Work to control insulin sensitivity and glycemic control for better fat loss.
  • Enhance cognitive function: Increase oxygen utilization in the brain to boost memory and processing speed (4).

Creatine Capsules Vs. Powder: Which Is Better?
When choosing between creatine capsules vs. powder, it is important to first see which one you would prefer more. Some people want to take capsules in the morning with their other vitamins and supplements and others would prefer to mix some powder and drink before their workout. So preference and what is most convenient to you is the number one factor. Along with this comes price. Of course, we would all want the very best supplements but those can get expensive. Looking into both options and seeing which product you can get at the best price also plays a big role.

To get into how this reacts and acts in your body, powder will be more readily absorbed and capsules will take time to digest. But on the alternative to that, capsules may be more convenient because you don’t need a shaker, the powder, and then some water, plus the hassle of transport and clean-up. With capsules you can pop them and your good to go. But ultimately for those of us looking to get this into our bodies as efficiently as possible, taking a powder form may seem like a better bet for it can be more readily absorbed and will hit you much faster.

Best Creatine Powder
With so many powders on the market, we wanted to share a great creatine powder from Transparent Labs with added HMB for even more benefits.

Wrap Up
When it comes down to it, the debate between creatine capsules vs. powder is ultimately your choice. Both will provide you with creatine for increased gains, and while powder is more readily absorbed, capsules will still offer great benefits. Looking into convenience and price is important, as well as exactly what you want out of your supplements. The right product can greatly enhance all of your gains.

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