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l lysine l glutmaine l arginine

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    l lysine l glutmaine l arginine

    I recently read an article talking about naturally releasing gh in your body, and the dr. slash sports doc, who trains bodybuilders, John Parillo. He noted that taking L-Lysine and L-Arginine are the most important supps to take to naturally release GH along with proper diet, protein, rest, and adding higher rep workouts to stimulate GH. I was curious about doses...i looked at the bottles and protein I take and it says that from what i will be taking daily my dosage will look like this

    L-Glutamine -- 10.3g
    L-Arginine - 3.5g
    L-Lysine - 5g

    My question is how much of each is needed daily etc.etc.

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    i have taken 5 grams of arginine a day for some time
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