Carb Blockers?

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Thread: Carb Blockers?

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    Carb Blockers?

    I searched on this and found very little.

    Anyone tried any of the carb blocker products? They seem all to be made from kidney bean extract and supposedly bind to carb and allow them to pass out of your system.

    It sounds hokie to me but with thanksgiving coming up, thought I'd ask....
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    Thumbs up Carb blockers have worked for me

    Guys, carb blockers have worked for me quite well. I've been using them for a year now. The reason that I believe they work... I have irritable bowel, and when I take carb blockers, it all but constipates me. That sounds gross, but it proves to me that the kidney bean extract is doing what they say it does. It is a fiber that supposedly binds the carbs and disallows them to break down into glucose. I also take a product that blocks sugar. The ingredient is "gymnema sylvester". This is a popular supplement with diabetics. I don't think many people who are diabetic doubt it's capability to lower blood sugar. Being close to diabetic (pre-diabetic syndrome), this is a great help to me. I lost 50 pounds over the last 4 years because I was on the edge of diabetes. now I am in shape and doing great.

    As far as eating junk, yes, every now-and-then I will gorge out on pancakes or pizza and take 4 carb blockers. It binds me up and I drop bricks when it all gets through my system. Without the kidney bean extract, I'd shoot pizza out my rear end like a fire hose. So to all of those who don't believe, I'm not convinced that you know what you're talking about.

    I recommend carb blockers to everyone. The worst they can do is bind up a portion of your carb calories. How bad can that be?

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    Which carb blocker are you using?

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    I have read mixed reviews, but they seem to work fairly well as long as you get the proper amount and take it at the proper time.

    Also, I have read that they work much better when taken SPARINGLY, as in when you have a binge or your about to go out for your cheat meal.
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    Hey, great message, and great insight. I would agree that carb blockers effectiveness would be the same as many herbal supplements, when taken once in a while, not constantly. It's kindof like echanacea. When you take it every day, your body builds resistance to its effect. When you wait until you have a cold, it has much more power.

    I'm back on a low-carb diet and I have been taking the carb blockers when I go outside of the diet, which seems to be every other day for me (low willpower when it comes to my carbs!). However, I have noticed thus far that when I eat something high in carbohydrate and then take the carb blockers, I do not knock myself out of ketosis. I check my urine at least 3 times per day with the Ketostix brand indicators, to insure that I am ketogenic, and also to check the sensitivity of certain foods that I eat, and the effectiveness of the carb blockers.

    I take a carb blocker from a company that I buy bulk wholesale from called Certified Natural Labs. I have a ton. More than I can take. I sell them for $9.95 a bottle. They have gemnena sylvestris which regulates your blood sugar. If you want to read about it I set up a small webpage about it. It's at But if you order, the name is wrong because I changed from another company called "Maximum Lipotropics". Pay no attention to that.

    Hope that helps.

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