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Knee surgery soon...Diet/Training changes?

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    Question Knee surgery soon...Diet/Training changes?

    Looking for advice here. In about 6 weeks I will be going in for an ACL reconstruction and I'm wondering how it should effect my diet and lifting. I was thinking of taking the time leading up to the surgery to rest (no lifting) and tweak my diet to more of a "cutting" type. My thinking here is, I feel if I have no extra weight on my frame (or keep it to a minimum) it will be less stress on my knee during rehab. I was thinking of not even lifting until the knee was 100% healthy. Athletics (basketball) is most important to me so I really don't care about losing most of my muscle mass if it means a speedier and more effective recovery.

    Do people have any suggestions? Anyone deal with surgery on the lower body and continue lifting?
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    can you just do upper body lifting that won't stress the lower body ie: benching with feet on bench (vs. on floor), curls (in seated position) etc. I can't think of any lower body workout that will not stress your knee after a ACL repair except some gentle cycling at some distant time (specified by your orthopedist) from your surgery.
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    You could also do unilateral movements for the healthy leg. I've seen some studies that showed if you lift with the healthy limb, atrophy will be minimized in the injured one.

    I would NOT suggest atrophying any muscle mass in hopes of better athletic performance or faster recovery. Muscle mass (up to a point of course, ronnie coleman will obviously be destroyed by allan houston in a one-on-one) will only help you in your athletic endeavors.
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