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Injury/Recovery Advice, Help!

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    Angry Injury/Recovery Advice, Help!

    This really sucks!
    I was doing bent-over barbell rows on Monday night at the gym: proper form, lots of stretching before, and not maxing out, and when I finished, the pain in my lower back was excruciating.
    I went to my sports medicine specialist today and he took some X-rays and told me that I have a "bulged disk" and that I need to stay off the weights and off my feet for the next week at least.
    First of all, I'm grateful it wasn't something worse, and secondly, I'm not going to be the typical male jackass I normally am and I'm going to take the doc's advice and rest.
    BUT, I have some concerns - I've been lifting since I was a teenager, I'm now 31 and in the best and biggest shape of my life:
    6 foot, 200 lbs., 18% body fat
    bench 275X3, squat 315X3, deadlift 300X3, bi's 17".
    And, I'm on a particularly good roll right now thanks to the last five staggered OTC cycles I've done. As a matter of fact, I had just begun a new cycle of S1+ spray on Monday night.
    I've also NEVER had a lifting injury thanks to lots of stretching and attention to popper form. I just happened to find the "sweet spot" on a routine back excercise and POW!
    I'm worried about incurring any atrophy over the next week or so from sitting on my ass while watching Dukes of Hazard all day, and I'm also worried about having to go light (because of my back) on my two favorite mass building exercises: squats and deadlift, once I return to lifting.
    The question is, is there anything I can do in my state of constant rest to minimize the wasting effects from not lifting AND when I do get back to the gym finally, what can I do to get around missing out on the gains from deadlifts and squats???
    Any advice from fellow injury sufferers would be great. Thanks!!!

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    wow i had some pain in the lower back b4 too, but nutting big... i just didnt do any thing on my back for about a week.

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