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Can I trust food labels ?

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    Question Can I trust food labels ?

    I am keeping track of everything I eat and I somehow don´t trust the food labels. Is there a website with a list that I can really trust ?

    Thanks a lot

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    i have the same issue..

    lets take sugar free jello for instance

    one serving = 0 carbs 1 g protein 0 fat
    however 1 serving = 10 calories
    1g protein = 4 calories
    where are the other 6 calories coming from?
    i know that companies can list 0 if the amount is less than .5
    which can be tricky if they manipulate serving sizes (for example, cooking sprays)
    in which case, there can be like .499g per serving and its listed as 0
    round up to .5... .5g carb = 2 cals (1g = 4cal)
    and .5g fat = 4.5 cal (1g = 9cal)

    4 + 2 + 4.5 = 10.5

    I guess sugar free jello has some carbs and fat in it after all, at least thats the only thing I can think of..

    Companies arent always 100% honest, especially when it comes to the diet/fat free/sugar free industry who knows that consumers are often reading the labels, and they use tricks to manipulate the numbers too..
    oh and the supplement industry is pretty much unregulated..
    except for the new ephedra ban i think

    i use www.fitday.com and www.calorieking.com

    but hey..u never know...stick to clean foods
    the less processed the better, and u shouldnt really have to worry
    I can do it

    I WILL be a size 5.

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    If the label lies to you then how is a website that indexes the labels going to be different? If the total calories dont match the macro breakdown they give you, then you know there is a lie.

    However not every single slice of bread is going to be the same caloric content as another, so it is just a general rule of thumb anyway even though it SHOULD be close. Things that are going to lie on a regular basis will likely be the "protein/energy bars."

    Fitday seems pretty popular.

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    So, there is no hope ..
    Just blindly trust the labels.

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