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my supplement plan....adding glut and creatine

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    my supplement plan....adding glut and creatine

    alright, I've been lifting constantly for 2 weeks now

    but been lifting on and off the last 3 month, id lift one week, take another week or 2 off, because of my lack of motivation

    last year, was lifting, 2-3 weeks then taking like a month off

    year before that, i was lifting consitantly, for a whole year, didn't miss a work out.

    alright, now I've been using 100% whey from optimum 1 scoop before and 1 scoop afterwards. and also multivitamin in the moring and some more vitamin D at night. From what i read from the ironmag main site, I should lift 12 weeks or more till I can start using it?

    i think I'm going ot add creatine and glutamine into my diet.

    I've narrowed down (from search all over the site) to getting
    creatine and glutamine from prolab and/or optimum.

    For creatine, is this what i want? this a good deal?

    as for the glutamine this time from optimum

    last question, i saw that optium has another creatine

    should I be getting this rather than the regular creatine?

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    Optimum is fine, I use a few of their products.

    you should look over at though.

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