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Newbie in need of advice

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    Newbie in need of advice

    I am needing a little help on my muscle mass and lean muscle program.

    My lifting program is a 3 day split:

    use db's -curls,(seated&standing) 2 X 8
    preachers curl 2X 8
    lats pull down - 2X8
    db raises 2X8
    seateddb raises 2X8

    flat bench 2 x 8 ( I now see I need decline & incline)
    cable pushdowns 2 x8
    tricep machine (name??) 2 X 10
    bicep machine (2 x 10)
    cable crossover (2 X 8)

    Abs -weighted machine 2 X 30
    leg press 2X 10
    leg press 2 X 10
    leg curls 2 X 10
    standing calf raises machine (2 x 10)
    Couple of other leg machines (2 X10)

    I have been searching this site for some good nutrition ideas. If you would share your meal plans I would be greatful.

    I have been told to bulk others say cut????

    Some Stats:
    187 pounds
    probably 17% BF???

    I would like to add mass, but sort of be a little clean cut by Spring Break time. (2-3 months)

    Thanks for the help

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    Don't worry about bulking or cutting. Just get a nice base right and some knowledge. One thing I see that is a little strange on your workout sched. is you only have 2 sets of each excersise. I'd up it to about 4. And at 17% I'd cut
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    Should I keep the same workout but just add more sets?

    I was told once that I should add heavy weights and not many reps?

    So would 4 sets X 5 reps of heavy weights be the way to go??

    Thanks for the help

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