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so what's the deal?

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    so what's the deal?

    say i train on a regular basis and i like to eat the occasional junk food in the middle of the night... what happens to that junk inside my body? does it automatically get stored as fat? if i train the next day won't it just be burned up anyways? can somebody please explain how this may work?

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    I guess it doesn't really matter THAT much if you're training intensely, deplete glycogen and are on a caloric deficit/ if the junk food doesn't exceed your maintenance levels. The real issue is getting in QUALITY calories that will aid you in gaining lean body mass, not eating junky calories that are nutritionally unsound or contribute nothing to your bodybuilding efforts. Of course it depends on what junk food we're talking about, if there's a high amount of fat and sugar then the insulin spike will probably lead to lipogenesis and eventual fat gain over a period of time. If it's just carbs, then there's a chance that it will just be used to refill glycogen to be used as energy, but if you spill over then that's fat tissue for you.

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    i do the same thing. It drives me nuts i eat good all day and bam at like 2 am im in the kitchen. Lately i always have sf/ff jello in the fridge and celery sticks right in the front at eye level so it is the first thing i see. and i get the adkins morning start bars. 170 cal and I have not noticed a difference in the mirror.

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    this is going to vary so much based on your genetics and your body. me? i'm gonna get fatter. no doubt. my ex boyfriend? he can eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 2 days (and plenty of other good food and crap) and his abs still show and he can gain size if he's hitting the gym hard while eating pretty crappy.
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    agree nikegirl .... it's all about you & your metabolic rate , if it was me & I junked out I'd blow out!!!!

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