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Fact: Chemical Muscle Enhancement contains up to date information on the pharmaceuticals today's bodybuilders are using to pack on more muscle and become more shredded then ever previously thought possible. Pharmaceuticals the pros and top models are using like:

Anabolic Steroids
Growth Hormone (GH)

You get the inside information on these drugs, the effective reported dosages, the active-life of the drugs, the potential side effects and all the ways to avoid them.

Fact: The secret of the majority of today's pro bodybuilders lies in the fact that they take ENORMOUS amounts of bodybuilding pharmaceuticals. Chemical Muscle Enhancement outlines protocols that allow you to achieve the same results using a fraction of the drugs!

Fact: Chemical Muscle Enhancement is the only book of its kind, based on research accomplished by reviewing the blood values of thousands of athletes using bodybuilding drugs. This puts Mr. Author L. Rea in a class by himself, one of the few men on the planet that has actually taken the time to apply information from years of scholarly study to real world situations -- with astonishing results.

Fact: Supreme results can only be achieved through proper application of the right information. If you're serious about achieving your bodybuilding and physique goals, you can only do so if you're willing to take the time to learn from the best.

Fact: Chemical Muscle Enhancement will take you step by step thru the very steroid cycles that Author L. Rea used on the competitive bodybuilders that he has trained over the past two decades. Chemical Muscle Enhancement takes the guesswork out of steroid use and save you tons of wasted money, grief from side effects, and years of less than optimal results.

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