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Dbol Tabs Good Or Bad

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    Question Dbol Tabs Good Or Bad

    i want to start a cycle of some Dbol tabs.i am thinking about a 4 week cycle then jumping to 1-ad to keep my added this too little to see any affects and if not how long after should i start the 1-ad.

    BIO - 32, 6 foot 1 at 180 pounds.very active with sports like hockey so i have a hard time keeping weight on.i train about 5 times a week usually one body part per day and rest for 2 eating habits aint very good cause i am always looking to gain weight.i am currently taking Animal stak and Cell tech.and Whey Protein with glutamine.
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    You will have to eat more to gain anything but water weight, so if you are having problems now I dont know what you think is going to save you from losing it all.

    I have added corndogs to my diet to get in more calories, as well as milk. Drugs aren't going to do all the work for you, you either learn to live with eating more on a regular basis or you will stay at your current weight.

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