International Shipping Policies

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    Question International Shipping Policies

    Does anybody here uses to make
    international orders??

    Need to know if anybody had any bad experience...

    Since i've ordered once a international shipping
    but everything went ok...
    would like to know what problems might have with the custom guys... well, assuming that i ship only my legall stuff!

    I know if it is checked by the customs you'll have to pay to get it out! I need to know the price you pay is based on the weight or the type of product, or both...

    well, anyhow it worths the trouble

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    if you can go domestic, even if it costs more, do it

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    impossible... Since is from bulknutrition, that is in North US, and i am on south europe!

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    worths because you have a market, on supplements, 3 times cheaper! Even if i pay well for the transport it worths! Just not to mention you have more products...
    The problem is the custom, if i'll have to pay well or not... And since this are not Dvd's, and electronic stuff, they usually pay less attention! BUt never knows...

    Just wondering if one of you guys have more experience on international shippings than i do...

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    Can you repeat that in English?

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    worths the importation of US because in Europe some products you pay 3 times more! Even if you pay taxes and including the transport it worths.

    The custom guys usually look after DVD's and electronic stuff, not "vitamins"!

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