Catabolic activity of corticosteroids

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    Catabolic activity of corticosteroids

    What do you guys think?, put yourself in my shoes. I have an upper resp. infection, bronchitus and asthma, so my doc perscribes Methylprednisolone 24mg day 1, 20mg day 2 etc.

    Would you take it, considering it's catabolic properties??
    Right now I am also in the middle of a m-1-t cycle, will this prednisone nullify my 1-m-1-test?

    Any concern about taking a combined 54mg of methylated hormones? (I'm guessing the cortisone, being similar is also 17aa???)


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    You should be straight with your doc and let him know what you're on. Assuming he knows what he's talking about, he would be the best one to talk to about interactions. If you have an infection, getting better should be your priority IMO.
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    I would probably just stop the M1T cycle, but I would not assume you are going to kill your liver, but how long would he have you on?

    If you need it to get better, it may be wise to just bite the bullet. Some people with skin rashes, just live through it for the 1-2 weeks it takes to heal naturally anyway, but a respiratory infection is alot more serious.

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