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slow gains

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Thread: slow gains

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    slow gains

    I have a friend that I lift with that always goes HEAVY

    I mean he can't even get a decent number of full reps

    I keep telling him that maybe every once in a while he should do that, but that should not be the core to his routine, and that he should focus on full range good reps rather than half-assed heavy reps.

    I can't get through his thick head- what should I do- I'd hate to see him get nowhere, but i'm beginning to just let him have at it-

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    once he injures himself maybe he will learn.
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    When you look a hell of alot better than him in a few months he'll start listening to you....or he'll give up...either way dont waste your time worrying about him...just do your can lead a bodybuilder to the protein shake but you cant make him drink it (damn i'm so funny)
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    If he can't get proper form on his lifts, then that is a problem. However, if he is training for strength and not mass, then he needs to be going heavy. I recently switched over to doing more in the 4-6 repitition range because I care more about strength than mass. However, I will do more than that sometimes for a change of pace.
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