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Went to the supermarket today

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    Went to the supermarket today

    Yup, it's been shopping day today!

    So, I've bought:

    2 pounds Whey Protein from Scitec
    8 pounds Milk&Egg Protein from Pro Nutrition (I think it's a local brand, heard some nice things 'bout 'em)
    4 pounds dextrose from Hardbody (sweet shit yeah! (H) )

    So, i Was wondering how would you suggest using all of the above. I for one thought of something like this:

    1. Use Scitec protein for PWO shake only, with dextrose in a 1:1.5 ratio (more dextrose)
    2. Use Milk&Egg protein in the morning (30 g) and in the evening (30 g)

    Umm, yup that's about all there is to it. Besides that I'll eat:

    1. Sandwich & breakfast protein (totalling about 50 g of protein)
    2. Sandwich at school (somwhere aroung 15 g of protein i guess...)
    3. Lunch (an extra 40-50 g of protein)
    4. Can of tuna (maybe! I usually skip this meal to be honest)
    5. Sandwich & evening protein (totalling about 50 g of protein)

    That's about all. I'm aiming for aroung 180-200 g of protein/day. And yeah I know... a whole damn lot of sandwiches . To be honest, in the morning and in the evening I might have something like eggs instead of sandwiches.

    May the force be with you!

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    Don´t ask me, I measure all my food and I count my calories, my fats, my proteins, my fibers. Other than that I think you are shooting in the dark. Just to be honest.

    Make sure you take more protein from real food.
    I think you should add more dextrose to the mix.
    Don´t you think you eat a lot of sandwhichs ?

    Good luck.

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    I'll eat that can of tuna

    Fish and Eggs are the best protein for bodybuilding!

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